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Creating Static Sites in Ruby with Rack

There is a guide for creating static sites with rack on the heroku dev center, it works ok, but it has a few problems. After creating a few static sites and deploying them to heroku and taking different approaches each time, some simple, some complex, I decided to investigate the issue.

Hello, Jekyll

I’m launching this site today. It’s a static site built with Jekyll and the color scheme and choice of fonts has been havily inspired by orderedlist’s minimal theme. I’m not going to talk about building a site with Jekyll, because the newly launched official site does an excellent job at that, but I am going to talk about a few problems I had along the way and a few things you can do to improve your Jekyll workflow.

Adding An RSS Feed to a Jekyll Site

Adding an RSS 2.0 feed to a Jekyll site is actually pretty simple.

The Fish Shell

I switched to the fish shell a while ago and it’s great. The sntax is sane and understandable, tab completions work pretty well, history completions save you a lot of time and my shell feels faster to me now.

Making Good-Looking Bar Buttons with Unicode

The standard UIBarButtonSystemItem’s are pretty limited and mostly boring, so we usually have to find a custom image and create a UIBarButtonItem with initWithImage:style:target:action:. This is, of course, great in most cases, except when you have limited resources and don’t want to have too many images in your bundle.